Makes The Pain Go Away

Makes The Pain Go Away
Makes the Pain Go away, something I feel everyday
The scent of your cologne hits my domain
And everything is not the same
As you caress upon my thighs, on a starry night
I grasp your skin and mark the hurt
As my essence begins to squirt
No relation just our parts and lost love of all the right hearts
To stare in my eyes would be so wrong
Not trying to vision you my mind, rather that be left along
A gentle thrust conveys my pleasure
You reaching my peak and something I treasure
Not in haste but until I collapse
I wanted love all the way until they showed me,
There is great multitude of such dismay
Onto the bed, and I slip into my dreams
Bitter temper and unconditional love
As I wake and roll over there's no sign of you
Deep yawns and caped blankets I shove
On the balcony you stand
To view the buildings painted by broken hands
As I'm wrapped in your greater mass
And the wind arriving to make a quick pass
Makes the Pain Go Away, to burst the venom from my veins

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