Makeshift Heart

I saw a torn paper blow down in front of me,
and in that moment all stood still.
The simplicity and beauty of life.
It all made sense, the way our fingers were entwined together,
as we sat there,
watching the orange rays of the sunset glisten in the far away sky.
I thought off all the places that paper has been,
and how it had been torn.
Had it been a love letter?
Maybe a cheating husbands napkin with a phone number written on it.
What about a letter from a fighting soldier
telling his family he was alive?
I thought about its long journey to get to its place infront of me,
in the soft green grass.
All the wind, rain and cold it had to go through.
All the sad homeless people it had to see.
but also all the soft words and childrens laughter it had to hear.
The paper was like a heart.
They have pasts, that make them who they are today.
and as I reached to touch the delicate paper,
it was blown away, gone.
Off to witness more amazing things,
just like our hearts.
They go through so many crazy and at the moment
seemingly unbearable things,
but the unique thing is we forgive, forget and move on.
It was a bitter sweet moment, and it was odd that for some reason
a tear rolled off my cool cheek,
wishing that torn paper the best of luck,
on the rest of its breathtaking journey.

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