I think the most fascinating part of life is falling in love with someone.

You have no authority over it. It can develop anytime. Gradually. Or instantaneously. But no matter how long, you always reach a certain moment. When you realize just how much you care about someone. Their harmony is all you need. And you can’t help but smile. They gently entrench themselves into you. You begin to do whatever it takes, just so they can be yours..You start to feel these unfamiliar emotions.

Once that transpires everything transforms. All your needs/aspirations/ambitions. All you crave is seeing that one person blossom...lips go cheek to cheek...snort..hear the melodies they speak...hear them reveal their dreadful them as if everything they do is a performance.

You get a passion to unearth the minuscule things that compose who they are. Next thing you know even your work consists of them.

But it's that same love that can shatter you. Your bruised heart disfigures and wants to cease. Its agonizing. Now it aches, burns, to see that person blossom, lips go cheek to cheek, snort...but you remain feeling the same, despite the torment. You continue to love, and hope it comes back, but it only fades.

Loving a person is so perplexing. It's amazing experience. It has potential to make you feel on top of the world, or hit rock-bottom. And it's crazy...but I'm glad I did it...even though it hurts.

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