You are living alone in a garden.
Is that you do not need me.
I can come to live with you.
I do not want you alone.
I do not want you sad
It seems your eyes are very red eyelids.
It seems that you do not sleep very well.
you stay all night thinking at somebody.
Yes a beautiful creature like you.
It's as if I see a bush that turns your house.

Yes if you are so beautiful.
I see nothing that I can compare to you.
Let me be your friend Please.
A man so ugly as me.
However if you're my friend .
My face may be displayed in another form.
When I go to sleep in my bed.
I always think of you as a beautiful creature.
However if you want me to become a slave in your house.

So that I stay has contemplating your face every day.
Give me a chance that I can stay in your arms tie.
I do not see any kind nature woman like you.
If God give opportunity to marry with you.
I do not need no light to walk in any forest.
I decide to use your face as light to walk because you pretty.

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