You pushed me out of you the same way you pushed me away. The only difference is the second one only hurt me. It hurt me when you spent money into pouring crystals into your body instead of nourishment into mine. It hurt me when i was ripped from your arms, but it hurt me twice as much when I was placed back. It hurt me when you allowed your other half to treat my siblings and I like punching bags. It hurt that I caught more butterflies than I’ve seen you; I've only caught two. It hurt when I searched for you in every woman I've seen. It hurt me when I finally found you. It hurt me when you said sorry and you didn't realize why. It hurt when I saw you and thought it was a mirror; scanning everything. Our eyes, face shape, height, smile, nose, hair, even our hands, were duplicates. It hurt me when fake cried. It hurt me when you made excuses. It hurt me when you left again. But it hurt me the most that none of this hurt you.

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