Mama have you listened

Mama I wanna sing,
I wanna dance and twirl around
I wanna wake up with a smile on my face,
And waltz above the ground.
Mama I wanna act,
I wanna shine brighter than the sun
I wanna see my name in lights one day
And be proud of what I’ve done.
Mama can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Are you proud of your baby girl?
Im standing here in Hollywood, looking at how far I’ve come.
Mama I can’t hear you,
I can’t see you anymore
You’re standing in the dark again, letting your angriness succumb.
Mama you need to wake up now,
You need to let go of the things that’s gone wrong
You need to loosen up a bit, and go to your favorite happy place
You’ve been hurting for far too long.
Mama we will be happy,
We will laugh and love once more
We will reach up to the sky one day and try to kiss the stars
Mama we will run,
We will be just like the wind
Grab our things, go get the keys
And soar right out that door.
Mama I can hear you now,
I can see you coming to
You’re standing in the light again, the world is whole once more
I guess my voice was strong enough to wake you up, I guess God listened to my song.
Mama I’m singing now,
Im standing center stage
The room is packed real tight, not a single empty seat tonight.
Mama I’m dancing now,
As I turn toward the audience, I see you in the front row
Chest swelling because you’re proud, your dimples start to show
I love you mama
I always have, and I always will
Im so happy that you’re here to finally listen to my song.

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