Mama (Inspired from the works of Martin Espada and Walt Whiteman)

Mama. The saddest word in the world,
The one we love the most, when she sang,
Sings when the dawn comes.

Mama. Two syllables. One M, One m,
But the two are always red linked, arm in arm,
Dancing around a silent piano she could not afford

Heroine. My only heroin, the heroine of my life, only life.
My precious Mama who drank my thoughts, buried my unknown fears
And crushed my bullies. A beacon of joy and happiness, Mama.

My Mama, the strongest fighter, the queen of the sea,
Even love and death were astonished by her beauty. Luckily,
I was the only one to admire her nobleness, why could not you see it?

My poor Mama, your eternal mortality, your eternal psalm
Until a bitter snow stole your soul, letting me alone, cold, breathless
I did not know you were mortal, and that was my deadly mistake.

My only Mama, I hope you are in a sunny place,
I hope you are warm, everyone will then be stone by your radiance
And perfection, they will forget your blackness like you will forget
And one day I will dance with Mama, in a sinless and colorless place.

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