Mama, Where are you?

This poem is about when my Mom was in the hospital for a surgery, which then caused a horrific infection in her abdomen; and kept her away from home for several days.

Mama where are you? Your supposed to be here

“I have to go now”, she said.I knew it was clear

that she was so sick, she’d had to be fierce

And when she returned, we had to stay close

She was the one that would need us the most

We thought all was well, and then she went back

She wasn’t getting better and that was a fact

I was scared of losing her my very best friend

She wouldn’t give up, and she didn’t pretend

She was in pain, but fought so hard

But we knew God was holding her heart

I prayed daily, for miracle from God

We missed her so, she was gone for 4 days

And then we got the news she didn’t have to stay!

She’d be back home, within a matter of hours

This whole ordeal was controlled by God’s power

She began to heal, and does to this day.

She spent days on the couch fighting it out

And within two months was up and about

I was a long journey, I have to admit

One so painful we could not predict

The ending, like a book

Was so bitter sweet

I’m thankful to God that she’s up on her feet.

I love you, Mama.

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