Mama’s Pain

You think you know the pain of a mother whose son
has just went off to join the army.
But you don't!
People say that they know that they understand, but they don't!
They could never know how it is sitting in his room every
night crying praying and begging God to bring him back.
Now here I sit another night paying that everything is alright,
then the doorbells rings bringing me to my feet.
As I reach the door and open it up what am meant with brings me
to my knees.
Crying and screaming I am left with a white envelope in my hands.
Sitting in his room I remember
when he was little and would always come to me for
the silliest of reasons,
like making sure no monsters were underneath his bed.
It was so simple then.
As I sit here crying I wipe my eyes,
take the envelope and open it up
beginning to read all I feel is moisture on my cheeks
and all you can here is a grunting sound
that sounds like a dying animal as I finish !!!

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