Man and Nature

Birds jump to the branches of trees at sunrise,
But in the morning man wrestles with whys.
Why do there seem to be too many cuckoos?
Why chirping so noisy what are the clues?

In morning the sleep descends from its core,
and chittering of pigeons hurts a man more.
There is a lot of tension and a lot of stress.
Working late at night is a suffering a mess.

Yes fatigue on mind, whenever Man feels,
At times, smoking or drinking appeals.
At roaming late night the cosmos retort.
A Reckless freedom is not its support.

Be it testy coca-cola or a pizza or a cake,
Nature always opposes without a mistake.
The sweet, the chicken, the fish, juicy curd,
The cosmos advises that these are absurd.

While Orderly pattern is nature's workforce,
But freedom is nature of a man of course.
As many are options and choices so gobs.
A Man and this nature are always at odds.

Ajay Amitabh Suman:All Right Reserved

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Key Words : Man, Nature

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This Poems Story

This existence is regulated by strict orderly pattern and discipline. A Man,on the contrary, by his very own nature desires freedom from everything ,be it any kind of control, discipline, rules, order or regulation etc. He treats the same as different types of bondages. In such a scenario , Conflict between a man and the existence is bound to happen.