man and woman

Man loves to create, woman loves to maintain
Man compliments beauty, woman criticize beauty.
Man avoids ugliness, woman likes to shower mercy on it.
Man is seduced by appearance, a woman by actions.
Man attracts troubles, woman attracts blessings
Man implores care and want, woman implores affection and attention.
Man is enticed by intelligence, woman by wisdom
Man don’t trust wise, woman don’t trust intelligent.
Man seeks god in pain, woman seeks god in sorrow.
Man begs god for strength, woman prays for mercy.
Man wants to climb the trees, woman wants to sit under it.
Man wants to live in mountains, woman wants to dwell on the beach.
Man wants the wind to push, woman wants the wind to touch.
Man wants to touch the sky, woman wants to give it more colors.
Man wants to play in soil, woman wants to wash the dirt.
Man wants to drink the water, woman wants to play with it.
Man wants to burn the fire, woman wants to embrace its vigor.

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different perspectives of man and woman for different aspects of the world.