Man Is a Freedomized Slave!

In darkness, man is a slave,
Forced to mine gold out of a cave.
The slave drivers all shushed and mushed
At the slaves, who all felt rushed.
There, in a corner, a slave woman being whipped,
For lying on the ground after being tripped.
That made the slave man, who was trapped in a cage,
Break down the bars with all his might and rage!
He charged towards that slave whipper
And pushed the slave whipper into the water dipper!
This made the other slave drivers mad,
And they all charged towards the slave man like an angry dad!
The slave man punched, kicked, and tossed
Every slave driver, thus giving them a big loss!
When the head slave driver came up running, with his head all red,
The slave man punched his heart out, tossed him into cavern,
And left him Dead!
The slave man freed the slave woman, and all the other slaves,
And led them all out of the one and many caves.
No longer pushed, kicked, or enslaved,
The slaves were free, and were no longer slaves.

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