Man on the bench

By Tammy   

I sat on a bench with a man by my side
He said; “no one’s more honest then me in this life”
I answered him friendly “ I doubt this is true, there is no one on this planet showing real inner truth.”
He laughed at my kindly and mumbled “ I know, I didn’t create them without place to grow”
I looked to the side and saw light shining bright and realized I spoke with creation that night.
It all turned dark while I sat there alone
Wondering under the moonlight what I was shown
A tree right before me sang songs with the wind and all became clear, I had taken the hint.
I should value mistakes in me and in others
It was perfectly clear we were nothing but brothers
All the same leafs of one bigger tree floating in air and all of us free.
Judging each otter for faults in this life
When really we all have a bunch that we hide
I lifted my head and promised I’d try to be honest and worthy till the day that I die.
Some time past and days turned into years
I wondered if there was more I could hear.
I went to the bench in front of the tree to find the man by my side watching a bee
I whispered to him” I am still not there”
Calmly he said “you won’t finish here”
He started to float, up to the clouds, and yelled from above “there is truth in your doubt.”
There is no free will in a perfect creation
That’s why you were born here without limitations. Just watch that bee follow its natural instinct not realizing its impact on all of creation.
It is simply collecting some pollen from flowers Unaware it holds all of life its powers.
Don’t worry about things you do not yet see
You just have to live and like that, you’ll be free.

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This Poems Story

I originally posted the poem onâmara590. So I don’t know if I can still submit it. The poem is a conversation between me and my inner self. The importance to forgive and understand we are all beginners in this story called life