Manifestation Is Real

Soak in these lines as I try Manipulating
minds threw the means of Manifestation..
In a way were Guessing.
Opportunities threw the infinite possibilities
of our conscious cosmic Mental state
Feeling pain from emotional strain's of a game played by many.
Masses toxified by invisible Rays that cloud
this perception of infinity.
It is... It's in you and me.
We try to break free from this controlled chaos
When our logic is set to a standard.
This Standard. This way of norm is
induced by our own.
Manipulating the masses for an
old custom for means of control.
An idea outside of our cosmic existence.
You can get back to your roots.
Getting In tune with natures Law is how you Break free.
Not a familiar pattern of images blinded
through frequencies to control you.
Stand by your right for a personal
responsibility to choose your own future.
No one will give that to you.
You have to take it!

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