Manifesto to my people

I told my pastor my black lives matter
He said this is true
So I asked him why when I turn on TV
I see Black falling to Blue
Really my TV is black and white
And I know what's wrong from right
But the law changes like day and night
So when we do wrong in dark
The media brings it to light
I ask him why is that light so bright

He can't give a answer
I pray to the Lord asking him the same questions
And the Lord can't answer no better
Is this how the history of our people is gonna last forever
See history repeats itself
And it's repeating mighty fast
But is it right to judge a man by the color of his skin and the history of his past
Can man not change
Or is it because I'm Black I am the same
As every man before me
One day you shall adore me
Until then you'll just ignore me
But that's why the systems works so poorly
Cause you fail to realize that I'm just same as you
Really you don't fail to realize you just hate the fact that the words I'm saying is true
Red Yellow Orange White Black Blue
We all the same
Only difference is my ancestors came in chains
So is that the real reason that this country can not change
Am I still 3/5 of a man
Or did I earn my right as whole
When Dr. King asked for equally
Did he dig us a larger hole
That we should fall in and die
Jesse Jackson said Keep Hope Alive
But I feel my people have lost hope
And we're now giving the white man the rope
To hang us with
Blue uniforms are equipped with the cuffs
They use to chain is in
And more blood is spilling than there has ever been
But can you blame them
We kill ourselves and expect them care
They treat us like we treat each other and it only seems fair
They keep cutting our funding but wonder why our stomachs are bare
Langston Hughes wrote and told us saying life ain't no Crystal Stair
So we keep fighting until seeing our color office is not rare
We keep fighting so our grandkids grandkids see better days
We keep fighting until our ancestors feel like their reparations have been paid
We keep fighting in this cold world
Fight on for the next generation of boys and girls

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