"Man"ly - the yarn of an effeminate man

"Man"ly - the yarn of an effeminate man

"Pink is not your colour!
Oh! please, do not keep that as your desire,
Why are you still in the house,
Then who is going to go and play out ?
Oh! my God, you are a big boy right,
So ,why is it crying that ,
you have tried ?"

The culture and environment we name has tamed,
a laddish and overtly masculine mind frame in their brains,
Though they keep a heart filled with tears,
They never let the ripples form out of fears,
The broad shoulders they bear,
Have huge responsibilities to hire,
They can stay away from home,
But still smile over the phone.

They need to the run the whole rat race to get a good name and fame,
And ones tangled in relationships,
Often need to confront their hardships,
Of choosing, amongst the family they have been loving,
or the one for whom he has recently started pinning,
Even if they have skin and bones similar to girls,
The society has intoxicated them to keep thinking,
Crying and showing emotions is - " strictly the FEMININE attire",
Well , I have never understood why it is considered an attire,
But over equality , I would keep equity as my demand,
before I end up here my ballad.

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