You were supposed to be her supporter, her lover.
Yet you brought her a mannequin
She hears you but listens to only the happy.
She sees you but focuses on only the good.
She loves you. I’m sure she does.

You were supposed to be my saviour, my soldier.
Yet you brought me a mannequin.
I hear you with my mothers ears yet I hear much less.
I see you with my mothers eyes yet I see much different.
i love you… but no i don’t.

For the spoken vows of your wedding day and the implied vows of my birth,
For the vow to love and support us both,
To aid us through our struggles and growth.
Yet the gift of a mannequin is all you can provide
And all we can do is evolve and abide.

My mannequin, forever my hapless companion.
Do not too, be my wish to abandon.
My mother too i hope feels the same.
And i do hope she takes none of this blame.

My mannequin, forever my hapless companion.
Please leave us soon,and no longer entrap us.
My mannequin.

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Key Words : Mental health, toxic, family issues, domestic violence, alcoholism

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This Poems Story

A toxic relationship between a daughter and her father and the mother and father caused by the fathers horrible alcoholism and general nastiness.