Man’s Best Friend

It's weird not coming home to you everyday like I'm used to
It's weird not hearing you barking at every moving object outside
It's weird to have dog food in the pantry with no dog to feed it to
It's weird not coming home to a wagging tail and a happy face

It hurts to not have someone to lie on the couch and watch TV with
It hurts to see pictures of you and know I can't take them anymore
It hurts to wake up and know you won't be downstairs waiting for me
It hurts knowing I can't see you again no matter how much I want to

I've never experienced death, so I don't know much about it
All I know is how bad the pain is to be there as it happens
And how bad it hurts to know that you can't do anything but let it be
Even if it means saying goodbye to the best friend you've ever had

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