Teach me how to live.
How to live with windows rolled down,
musky rain ricocheting off of sun-warped streets.
Peaches picked from gnarled branches,
runs that lead nowhere except to aching muscles, aching bones,
the best kind of hurt.

Overcast days, when the clouds can't decide whether
to burst or writhe away.

Chlorine that turns humans into red-eyed zombies.
Eating away at our outer shell,
exposing miles of twisted intestines and pumping vessels.
We are more than just the sum of our parts.

Walls, closing in on me, the voice of a trillion tongues.
Begging, pleading, help me. Help me, help me, help me.
Teach me how to live.

How to set the world on fire, leaving a trail of ash in my wake.
If Rome burns, I'll burn with it.

Embers, still asmolder, settle atop
dilapidated buildings and broken down dreams.
swimming together, through a blender set on "pulse,"
fishing for the blade.

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