Many people fail because they try to copy others

Many people fall, trying to be like others,
Their true selves lost in the shadows they discover.
They mimic and they imitate, but in the end,
They find themselves alone, without a friend.

They forget who they are, their own unique spark,
Caught up in the facade, lost in the dark.
They stumble and they falter, trying to keep up,
But their true essence is trapped, unable to erupt.

To be authentic is a gift, a rare treasure,
To embrace your own essence, to find true pleasure.
So don't fall into the trap of imitation,
Be yourself, embrace your own creation.

For in being true to yourself, you will shine,
And others will be inspired by your design.
So don't be a copy, be an original,
For in being yourself, you are truly magical.

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