Mapping my final ride to the other side
Oh how I want to feel like I have arrived
Seeing so many good reasons why I have survived
Like I have climbed the highest mountain totally revived
Believing in myself knowing I will not be denied
Fulfilling all my dreams until I am satisfied

Doing what I had to do so I didn't collide
With whats waiting on the other side
Only God gets to decide
Who gets to go on this amazing ride
To be able to go to heaven where God resides
Feeling like I belong rested very much alive

Applying myself being careful not to divide
My faith that makes it all so personalized
With the wisdom and love he provides
Understanding the truth in the bible makes us unified
Oh how I want to make sure I realize
Jesus was tried and crucified
Giving up his life so we would be supplied

With a way, we can be revived
When Satan only promises genocide
Disguised as some better high
That leaves us horrified
Making Gods plan nullified
Mankind needs to open his eyes wide
To decide that only God can testify

To what happens when we die
He will be the one who occupies my heart
So when Jesus returns to rectify
What Satan tried so hard to unwind
Knowing that I won't be left behind
Because I didn't live my life blind
To the truth that gives us passage to the other side
Where I can shine on high
With God by my side

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We don't want to be left behind so we need to quit going through life so blind and make up our minds.