March 4th 1973

The little boy in a tan color coat with a rip on its lower left pocket
Holding his library books with author's such as
Tom Wolfe, Edward Bond & Poet James Tate
Sad feelings from the boys at school
Taunting and making fun of him
He likes to read cause he like adventures & mysteries
His beige scarf covering his small face
Red cheeks, and green eyes that teared up from the cold winter air bouncing off his eyes
Old newspaper sitting on the light brown sturdy small kitchen table
The date is March 4th, 1973
People are greedy these days
The small boy goes to bed, dreaming of a better place
A better world than this he is in
All he wants in this life is to be free
Free from everyone & everything
He sometimes writes little stories that he keeps in his black book bag
Paper was gone in his house
Let me write again
This was my medicine
To let the pencil write
To let my mind be free
To let myself go on adventures
To climb the magic tree
Fly above the tall castle
Run as fast as i can
And sing & dance
This is my dream
Let it become a story for everyone to tell
All you have to do is believe

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