An apparition,A Ghost,A Stallion of White
Revenge in her Heart A duty of Might

Accepted by the few Known by two,In her heart She's lonely too,

Somewhere her corps lays naked and unknown,
to her mom and dad She never made it home,
she suffered until God gave her power,
His Mighty Grace, Made her into a Precious flower

She grew wings and learned to fly,she went up towards the sky
A duty to her Which was given. In some ones mind she was hidden
She was blessed with a name,Marigold was to fame,

And though her death was a gift,
Give to others just like her, For she suffers in fear no more
A guardian Angel inside his head
Something that sits on the edge of his bed
She helps with thoughts,
and When dangers near,he remember,
Hey Marigolds here!

gone is his worry No more is his doubt
he can now breath within and without
She's with him She's always near
Watching, protecting,
marigold is here.

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