Marine Flesh

waves wash away wash away marks on sand never existed
take me to the depths deep sea diving let me see the reefs
flowing waters oceans stirring tell me again about typhoons twirling
abyss abyss I am I am I am in I am abyss
tell me again how the tides work lovely
leave and come back and leave and come back again I am I am
endless ocean I am me what is your name endless ocean
drowning victims who are they
ocean did you know their names
bubbles bubbles everywhere
till their last breath meets the air
end me end me endless sea
end me end me endless see
endless I see we can be
again and again and again and again
never stop souls floating away away
goodbye again
goodbye again
here I am again will you come back again
come back to me my love are you a tide to return by daylight
endless sea return you to me
undo the tides endless ocean undo typhoons
put marks back on sand
endless ocean tell me again who I am
endless ocean dark and deep
endless ocean are you me?

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