Married, But Still Alone

Doing what I thought I’d love doing with my life
Spending it with my lovely wife.
We sit watching TV in the place we call home
I’m happy to be married, but yet, why am I still alone?
I thought this union was for love and not lust
Just knowing it was partly because of the trust.
Slowly drifting away was that trust
And quickly thoughts entered echoing; this marriage is a bust.
Sign after sign appeared before me
But they faded because “She Married Me” was all I wanted to see.
Caught in what she considered to be just a small white lie
Was big enough to have me break out into a cry.
What’s really going on? I asked myself.
I had no answer, so I looked above for some help.
Lord, we said our vows and danced to our wedding song.
How is it that we’re married, but I’m still alone?
We entered our suite; ooh! to make love to my wife was my anticipation.
But, low and behold, there was no consummation.
Oh Lord, that was the very first sign,
But my love for my wife had me foolishly blinded.
Maybe she was tired and needed sleep,
Oh how, I so wanted to weep.
So, for a couple of years and a few more months, I stood strong,
But no more could I take being married, but still alone.

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