-Marry Jane

In shadows cast by life's relentless grind,
A whisper lingers, soothing troubled mind,
Where burdens fade and worries cease to be,
Weed be the solace that sets my soul free.

With gentle touch, it takes me far away,
To realms where joy and laughter hold their sway,
In hazy haze, my troubles swiftly fade,
A temporary escape from life's cascade.

Oh, sweet herb, my faithful companion true,
You unlock doors to dreams I once withdrew,
In your embrace, I find tranquility,
A respite from the world's harsh reality.

But let me not be bound by your embrace,
For happiness lies in life's varied grace,
Though weed may bring contentment fleeting,
True joy resides in moments worth repeating.

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Key Words : weed

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it speaks for itself id say.