Mars Takes Me to You

Beg me to go outside and contemplate the night sky.
Ask me to find the moon,
and to its left I shall encounter a scintillating circle.


Ask me to admire it,
and oh its beauty is but breathtaking.

That sky, that moon... and Mars
that connects you and I.
That symbolizes the beginning of our story,
the deepened kisses
and that profound feeling no one else shall ever comprehend.

Ask me to find Mars in a sky filled with comets, planets, and stars-
to reach each other once again.
For our hearts to connect,
and our heart's pulse to accelerate simultaneously.
A thousand beats per second,
as if they were truly one.
For our love to illuminate our lives one more time,
even if it's only for a mere second-

Ask me to find Mars to feel you mine at least one final time...

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