Marshmallow Fluff

"Marshmallow Fluff," he excitingly remarked -
"What do you think of it?"
He sent her his signature dimpled side-smiled grin.
She playfully cupped her chin.
"Marshmallow Fluff," she said inquisitively.
She breathed in and let out a quiet, affectionate giggle.
"It's pretty good," she said with memorable enthusiasm.
She playfully turned toward him.
"And you?" she asked quite curiously.
"I LOVE it," he said without restraint,
as he focused in on her compassionate gaze.
She giggled again. He continued.
"It's just right -
you know, right
in between
the peanut butter and jelly.
I'm the peanut butter,
our God-given love is the Marshmallow Fluff,
and you -"
he glowingly bopped his pointer finger on her nose -
"are the jelly!"
She smiled warmly
as he enveloped his arms around her waist,
just like an unforgettable,
forever cherished love letter.

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