Felt those hands when I was picked up,
From the land where my death was set up.
The distance was oblong,
From that land to the funery box.
The warmth of "THE TRICOLOR" ,
Kept my soul alive and high.
The aroma of the wet soil and trees,
Helped me realise, I am near my homies.
The dog I used to feed everyday,
Off to the running practice in the morning on my way,
Was quiet.
I could feel the blessings and the pain,
When my mom touched my body in bane.
My father, the man who once used to call me useless,
Shed tears on my corpse , I'm sorry dad I wasn't that pointless.
The love I perceived,
When my wife held my uniform and grieved,
Was eternal.
The lub dub I heard ,
When she kept my military uniform close to her heart,
Made me relieved and cheered.
Being a SOLDIER , a son, a brother, a friend and a husband,
I kept my promise, I'm back but in a shroud.
I made my dream come true ,
For my country and its soil, I, flew .

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