So many days in my life, plenty nights I was facing
the same demon I fight, the one I keep on embracing
recreating the fire, start blazing you cant escape it
seeking Satin for salvation got em caught in the matrix
it aint right. I know this life and my worth what I could I be
and always seems, this journeys never easy through the trees,
but when its clear and I could a breath another level I achieve
a better me... for everything im growing to be.
It's a wrap, thats a fact and I wont look back,
and they'll see in the way I act with all the cash I stack,
And how I react to a track with the way that I snap, see Im back,
cause for a minute I aint have it like that!
my own, letting it crack, under pressure collapse,
should of could of ish man whatever aint no goin back forever...
so my efforts in pressing to make a mark last forever,
or never step in or never given a second. forget it!
already on, just a matter of grind,
through time begin to rise, start to carry a shine,
new star born in disguise just opened his eyes,
surprised.. to see the worlds lost, not even tryin,
they still catching them fishing, still sending us sentences,
sentenced from our beginning to freedom if you complacent
to following what they placed in, as rules and regulations,
in places ya lives wasted no hope that you gone make it...

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