Mask Of Society

You claim you see me, but it is through the untainted glass
within the glasshouse.~You defeat me, as tears glossed the eyes,
hidden lies , reveal multiple of ties you used to control me.
I am conformed into your every need, to use when and as you please.
I am a number, waiting until I am called, asked to deliver..
told to reply, Conform without an explanation why!
With your eyes, you direct me..with you words, you use me
With your Actions, you show me, push me towards a Door, which has
no handle. Into a room with no ceiling,Into a world with no meaning.
How can you claim to see me? If your eyes are indeed shut,
If they appear green instead of blue, black instead of brown.
Is this is why you accuse me, was it my sin to be different?
My sin to walk left instead of right, to go up instead of down.
Why must I defend my reasons to react, be sectioned into a class
based on my ability, race and Act.
Must I be new to the idea that really in this world that my opinion
doesn't matter, If It cannot be approved a fact.
You see me rebelling against this act, which is why you notice my
actions are out of order giving you reasons to react.
Know that I am classed as a rebel, you choose to describe as
unruly and trouble.
Now I learn to use my mouth and answer back.
You bribe me with blood money which will never be mine, FACT
With material items which will be used as a
cover up an attention seeking act.
All to be noticed as a human hiding behind the mask.

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