Masking Schadenfreude

It wore a mask of social nicety,
But underneath were dreams of violence.
Underneath, there were dreams of torturing
The ones who opposed Its malevolence.
Like aging paint, the mask began to fade.
The face revealed: sinister to the core,
Clean of emotion, and harder than jade.
Then the face began knocking at the door.
At first a tap tap, then a boom bang boom.
And then the door opened and so reigned fear.
Some hid, some ran, no one escaped their doom.
And one by one, It slaughtered what was dear.
It was their misery It most enjoyed.
In German, It has been called schadenfreude.

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This Poems Story

I am by no means a poet. I am very mathematically inclined and enjoy problem solving. I aspire to be an engineer. The poem started out as an English assignment. Our class was required to write a sonnet. Since most sonnets are very lovey dovey, I decided to write a darker poem. I started with the title. In German, schadenfreude means taking pleasure in others' misery. In the poem, I used "It" as a personification of evil. The "masking" part references how evil manifests itself in society. Evil is unknown until it is too late.