We hide behind masks of porcelain to cover up fear,
to hide away the tears.
These masks are cracked, worn out, and a little broken,
but still useful.
We stay hidden behind these alters of ourselves.
Alters that present to the world dignity, grace, and proud smiles.
Behind these makes we break
while desperately holding on to that brave face.
As the day ends, and we are safe behind a closed door,
The mask is removed to reveal a broken soul.
Such love and care we give to those porcelain veils,
those cracked and worn out smiles.
Each gently placed in its own little box,
little drawer,
or little shelf.
Each safely stored behind lock and key.
When the day ends the mask is no more, and we reveal our true selves.
A little more broken
A little more tired
A little less content in the world we have created.
We hide behind closed doors, shuttered windows.
We hide away in the safety of our own
little box,
little drawer,
or little shelf.
Until the next day, where we once again hide
behind masks of porcelain.

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