I'm okay, splendid, spectacular. In a way
I relish cold of night, the warmth of day,
I live I laugh, I write, I sing, I wonder
on the new dawn I wander

Home, a field of solidarity, a place to hide
The mask drops, life - an inconceivable task is done
And so I lay, and wait for the final days
The final days, in which I may be set ablaze

Suddenly I'm ok, I not alone
Cheerful howls of laughter, days most joyous
Rainbows come out of the fray
And yet not a morsel of gray

I'm not okay, I'm dreary, It's all dull
Emotions once suppressed, rarely surface
Life is banal, fragile, complex, surely not a miss
The days seem to suck it all into the abyss

Clinging to life, clamoring from the edge
One day hoping I'll slip, on the tip
My days might be dreary, brimming with disarray
But one day, I know, it will all be okay.

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