Can't sleep at night, slowly on the inside dying
No one sees behind her cheerful mask
Tossing and turning in bed silently crying
When the clown undresses her life is such a task

Taking on projects of making others feel whole
Crying out for help yet no one hears
While feelings of emptiness are taking their toll
She keeps it all together ignoring her fears

Wounds inside invisible to the naked eye
You would be okay to console herself she'd say
But some days thinking why can't I just die
For no one can send a helping hand her way

This too shall pass are words that come to mind
Knowing abuse has no color, creed or race
Doesn't matter how beautiful she is or kind
It can happen to anyone at any time or place

He'd always say he was sorry and promised to stop
Buy all her favorite things then please her in bed
She thought it made sense, when it resumed, to call the cops
Which only aggravated him and made it worse instead

Feeling abandoned, isolated and stuck
Her head was spinning not knowing what to do
On a race to beat her own suicidal clock
When it was all over they all said they never knew

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