Welcome to the never ending party
Everyone in attendance is in disguise
These masks seem so real

Walking onto the dance floor we search for someone who's not hiding their true identity
I can't tell the difference between real or not

These masks seem so life like
These masks seem permanent
Can you distinguish between real and not?

But I spot you from across this dance floor
Your mask is different from everyone else
As we lock eyes I'm scared that you're not real
As we walk towards each other I loose faith in reality

Why must we all hide our true selves
I can't distinguish between real and not

We finally meet and begin this dance
As this dance goes on your mask seems to fade to show a beauty that is blinding
But I'm afraid my mask is permanent

As this dance continues your beauty becomes more vibrant
Your eyes seem to pierce through this ugly mask of mine
You begin to give me the strength to remove this retched disguise

We can all find that beauty that will remove our masks
These masks are not permanent

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