A sea of faces, none I know, silent ballroom, silent show
Sometimes I wonder who is real, ball-gowns brush against a heel

Flickers of sadness haunt the walls of the towering banquet halls
Moonlight gleams in subtle streaks, highlighting a darkened cheek

Cold like marble, set in stone, puppets of an unseen throne
Never know the phony face, tears fall, gone without a trace

Pools of tears, lost memories, soak glittering sapphires and rubies
No-one ever lets it show, in the dreamy light of overdose

Of letting go of that you love, long for granted wishes from above
To lead a life without a face, and join the eternal masquerade

Layers set in, concrete-caked, building on until you break
What's real I dare not ask;
For nobody knows what's just a mask.

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This Poems Story

I'm fourteen years old and I live in Plano, TX, with my parents and little sister. My poem "Masquerade" illustrates the reality of the world and modern society. Everybody wears a mask. Everyone hides a part of themselves no matter how small inorder to conform to standards on things like beauty or ability. Many wish on stars for a magical solution but fail to see what is before their eyes. Life is a masquerade; they are often blind to each other but still yearn to be like others.