Master Of Deceit

The picture's always incomplete
You're the master of deceit
Bits and pieces, never whole
To keep it hidden is your goal
Always questioning, never sure
Of this madness is there a cure?
Countless hours spent in fear
What I'm seeing is never clear
When confronted you always deny
Frankly I've lost the will to try
What is true? What are lies?
Contesting what I see with my eyes
Blood on your hands, you keep denying
Your maintained composure is terrifying
It's as if you believe yourself
I'm haunted by your aura of stealth
You're wearing down my sanity
Playing these mind games with me
What you do to me isn't fair
How can you possibly say you care?
Why did you have to make me your prey?
You saw me coming from a mile away
Set me free of this heavy chain
I just can't take this constant pain
It was never love at all
You built me up to watch me fall

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