Master your mind.

I'm a mastermind
Yes I'll master your mind
Now listen while I rhyme
I'm gon unwind
As I take my time
With each line that I grind
Down into bars
Rising to the stars
Sidetracked by 
What you feast your eyes upon
And your drawn
Like an addict you gotta have it
And I'm so firey it's instilled in me
Can't ever steal from me
Because every word that I speak
Is filled with gasoline
I'm a station
Posted up
Straight stopping you
Like my red background and white words
Never sound so racist.
I don't have the patience
I drop slop for you pork filled igrates
Go on pull out the tape
Crime scene
Every time I leave
Never see me
So sly
 I reside
 In the shadows
Yeah I got these shadows
Behind me
Is my team
A reflection of the person
You perceive
Filled with dreams
But I'll crush yours
As you scream and plead for mercy
Because you're unworthy
You're just a bloodthirsty hound trying to bring me down
I'm not falling
So stop stalling
You don't scare me
You should be bowing at my feet
Praise me the one and only
I control thee
Yeah go on and test me
I'll poison the water that you drink
Best believe
It'll stink when i unleash the beast
Feel the scorching heat
Die out in the desert 
Get plucked at by buzzards
I hope you can't breathe
Dehydration leave you cramping
A demonstration
Of what happens when you challenge
A fierce opponent
But you were out of focus
Misunderstood because you underestimated
Now you're faced with
The world's greatest
And the consequence I see fit
No one sending help you see
Because nobody cares
What happens to you ungrateful hateful
So get ready for what's coming
Justice being served to the hungry
You deserve to be burned
We watch you turn
We take our turns
Ripping you to shreds
Wishing you were dead
Rid the world
And cut all ties
Burning all the bridges
Cuz fuck you
Don't come running back to me
Fall through the cracks
No going back
You crossed me
Now I proceed to demolish thee
Coming down like a wrecking ball
You stand no chance at all
I'll watch you fall
And take satisfaction at the look on your face
Staring up at me
You realize that the attraction
Was never to me
But the demon that resides
Within me
She played you she's laughing
Her plan played out exactly
You have everything to lose
But deep down she has nothing
She played you for a fool
Used you as a tool
To master your mind
Now you understand why
I say
Am a mastermind and I'll master you mind.

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