Mastermind Unveiled

You were a mastermind in this game you created
Your schemes and diversions all plotted and slated

Strategically crying victim of lies and deception
When all along, you were the disease, that was spreading this infection

Blaming the demons trapped deep in your past
Proclaiming a revelation to release them at last

But still all the words you spew out are nothing but lies
Your sugar-coated sweetness is like the devil in disguise

Like a drug, you were an addiction that couldn't be seen
Causing pain and confusion still leaving me fiending

Like a high on Ecstasy, serotonin levels rise
Then back to reality, all these emotions begin to demise

With the realization of truth, my instinct was revenge
To expose your true colors to other's whose lives you've infringed

But Karma's a B*tch, you will get what you deserve
So the hate and animosity I'll choose to conserve

But when you look in the mirror and see you've created a beast
Remember it's only a matter of time until all your lies are unleashed

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This Poems Story

This poem was written about someone who came into my life weeks after my ex-wife cheated on me and left me for one of my high school friends. The woman this poem was written about came swooping into my life at one of the most vulnerable points of my life. She proclaimed to be a "God-Sent" yet she played on my weaknesses and took advantage of my vulnerability. She was talking to her ex the entire time we were in a "committed relationship" but denied any contact. Come to find out she was maintaining contact with her ex in order to get her to continue to pay several of her monthly bills and was stringing her along with the hope of them getting back together and working things out. She denied being in a relationship with me to her ex and would tell her that the two of us were just friends and she was just being a good friend to me because I was going through a lot in my personal life. Her and my relationship finally came to an end as the result of her meeting another woman whom she cheated on me with which eventually opened the door to her ex and I meeting and comparing stories that revealed the truth about her hundreds of lies.