They ask me “why?”

I may not kiss your eyelids as you fall asleep.

They ask me “why?”

I may not trace your jawline with my fingertips..

Again.. they ask me..”why?”

and I simply say..

Because I can love them without ever touching their skin.

You see, my love language may be physical touch but its also the sound of their voice.

Its the way I think of them all day

and call them before I sleep just to hear them say “I love you.”

It’s how I close my eyes and see a future.

One with warm smiles and playful arguments over who is cuter.

Why? Because, even though when I wake up, it will be alone, and my heart will long for the warmth of their embrace,

I’ll know one day we will have something akin to a masterpiece.

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Key Words : Long, distance,relationships

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This Poems Story

This used to be a LOT shorter, one of my first writings. I reworked it a little. Not much.