People say you have a big heart
And I will admit, it's a work of art
You can tell a lie so true and good
A wolf disguised in a little red hood
You poison the drink
Then show up with the antidote
You comfort the kid that was bullied
But you started the joke
You give people a taste of heaven
Just to send them to hell
You show up to clean their wounds
But you're the reason they fell
Your a master of secrets
Show people magic but make sure they pay the price
Hidden but painful like a head full of lice
You stab when their back is turned
You start forest fires, but never get burned
You caused his failure then gave him a second chance
You broke her leg, then asked her to dance
You're the devil dressed in all white
A costume of sunlight to conceal the night
If you could take one thing, stranded on an island it would be your tricks
Because how could you build a castle with no bricks?
Your like the rain, claim you're watering the plants when all you're doing is flooding the street
A nightmare so twisted, you think it's a dream
A mask painted blue- turn off the light - it's blood red
You only realize you were murdered after you're dead
You've created a masterpiece I'll give you that
Honestly, it's really something to look at Pain is your muse
You give nothing for free, no one leaves without a bruise
But you should know,
Nothing is permanent
People can wash off the paint
Find new colors to cover the scars and stains
And one day,
Your painting will be crushed
And you'll be left with nothing but ghosts and a dried up paintbrush.

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