Masters of War

Can't fathom all this pain and degredation,
Rich keep getting richer; the poor face starvation,
We should start an uprising, a positive retaliation.
The government men are going to continue as planned,
Shipping our jobs to some foreign land,
Just when you think you're ahead; they kick you down
where you stand.
Some call it poverty, or a recession; some another
Great Depression,
But all I can see is our governments money obsession,
Look back at Nazi Germany's actions for an early reflection.
All the money you make, can never buy back your soul,
Idiots not realizing, they're digging a bottomless hole,
Unassuming victims that insurance companies deem
population control.
Political corruption is a constant battlefield,
Their mode of destruction has yet to be revealed,
All of us know, when s**t hits the fan, our fates are sealed.
Trust in your hearts and believe in your minds,
Our government has illegal experiments and cures
of all kinds,
Open your eyes and see the blatent signs.
They have caused countless deaths; someone's
daughters and sons,
Bringing their fighter jets, weapons, and bullet filled guns,
Causing blood to spill in amounts that stun.

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