Match Made in Hell

My sister used to cut,
her arms used to bleed,
But I could never understand,
I could never see,
But now my arms are numb,
Now my arms they bleed,
And I wish I didn't understand,
But now I can see,
And now I feel guilty,
And angry at myself,
When she needed me the most,
I wasn't there to help,
But we are the same bloodline,
Like the same one on the bathroom floor,
Both of us trapped behind locked and smashed in doors,
This has led me here,
I just sit and regret,
Because being in her shoes,
There's somethings in my mind I wish I could forget,
We'd shout and scream and argue,
New problems they would hatch,
But through all this we have one thing in common,
Now our scars they match.

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