I'm matchless I need a light
A spark of creativity that'll bring me into the night
I'm breathless the feeling you gave me just lasted for a moment
I need more
You see I'm a fiend
An addict of sorts
I'm hopeless I'm a mess
I just wanna feel elated for more than a second
Because you see the joy we feel is only current it will soon pass
Just like I thought my love for you did
It's like trying to decide if you should put out your last cigarette
I'm reckless I'm trouble
Skipping school and living in my own little bubble
Running from the cops or more like my thoughts
Those are the real danger after all
Because they continue to chase me no matter where I go
I'm helpless not really sure what to do at this point
Because I miss you
And I just can't handle that pain tonight

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i loved this boy once. I'm pretty sure i still do