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By Caleb   

Those aren't your eyes crying
filling my lashes with sodium
watering down petals that I don't pluck
and count for shutting doors of pain
that have all of my dreams coming true
Those aren't your eyes crying out
Filling what I see with clear blue skies
There is no way in the world
that I will ever die
no matter what happens to what I see
know matter, that happens to be—
Those aren't my eyes crying tears of joy
and looking through it all while taking even more
It is you
Everyday is you
Showing yourself to me
and everyday I'm crying because of what's in front of me
You make me full of your time
that so much of it, I cannot wait
If you could see me now
I'd create your day
that's how much I love you
through all of my crying eyes—
they are full of everyday matter
that I won't allow to die

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    This Poems Story

    Matter is a poem about missing someone and that could easily become an object in life that is also enjoyed. Closing the eyes lids to understand that breathing is ok because dreams come true gives Matter it's ability to show that coordination is spectacular. Matter speaks clearly about the love for the experience that is happening even if it's with someone or something different. It has an element of expiration influenced by individual belief. Matter is the simple love story of surviving life not just love. It has to do with the sense, touch, not that of being touched and the wonder of, what if, that shows how much love there is as well as imagined. An interest in science plus the internet makes Matter easy to grasp, let go of, and to leave alone.