May embrace his return

See, innocent lass is sitting on her tiny chair
And waiting for her father, with her tired mother
When he departed, he had a hope to come back
Will he be able to bear the nature?

He goes fishing with great expectations
But, who knows how the nature is..
Stormy clouds, unpredictable waves or heavy rains
with unbearable thunders
May embrace his return hourly, daily or monthly

Daughter asked about his arrival
Evening, silence breaks with mother’s murmurs
even without looking at her…
Both of them are waiting for his arrival
Blinking their eyes with expectations…

Both of them are sending blessings for him
But, will he come home?
All of them hope the better to happen
If the nature favors them, he will, otherwise he won’t…

Both parents are well-known tis realism
But, they are unable to enlighten her
She cannot understand the nature
Will her father come? Who knows when?
Depends on the behaviors of nature
Together with the sea
While, her eyes endlessly looking at the lane
tiredly more tiredly….

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