Its always been said
that a dog is a mans best friend,
That was definitely true for us
and I never thought it would end.

But now that you're gone
I'v lost a part of me,
I miss you so much
im so sorry it had to be.

You were the one
who got me through so much,
just being there
with the friendliest touch.

When you left
my life went for a ride,
so many twists and turns
one big downhill slide.

A slide to hide
the way I felt,
A slide to misery
That I couldn't have delt.

I turned to drugs
and I turned to liquor,
to try and ignore the pain
and make it go away quicker.

I tried to forget
I tried to let you go,
I felt so much pain
but I didn't want it to show.

I can't love anyone
like I used to,
I can't truly be happy
when i'm without you.

You were the one I turned to
when life became so bad,
you were always there
whenever I was sad.

You knew all my secrets
you shared all my pain,
you were always there
when the tears started to stain.

Now that you're gone
Im lost without you,
I can't trust anyone
I don't know what to do.

I can't put into words
how much I miss you,
It hurts so bad
I wish it wasn't true.

You were the only one
who knew me best,
I trusted you with everything
so much more then the rest.

You were my best friend
my other half,
the ways you cuddled
the ways you made me laugh.

Its so hard
to realize you're not here,
I want you back so bad
It makes me tear.

All I have now
are old memories in my mind,
Lonely thoughts
that I try and hide.

You were the other half of me
you were the front to my back,
Now that you're gone
its your love that I lack.

I love you Maya
more then I can say,
I cant wait to see you again
on some distant day.

Dedicated to: Maya Atkinson My best friend in the whole world...
Oct. 27, 2000- Feb 12, 2009

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