Maybe if I dare to gaze into the shadows as time passes by,
Until some unseen, forlorn figure might materialize,
My dreams so strong to somehow turn my eyes
Away from the world’s reality, and see yours in mine.
Maybe if a soul disintegrates and dies to its heart,
And pale, white lips be closed as a door to never part,
I’d change how you pushed away the finish before the start,
For a Polaroid never captured love such as an art.
Maybe if sleep overtakes awaiting dawn’s greeting glimmer,
My dreams will touch you under the fading starlight’s shimmer,
And voices travel around the world, to lend a golden whisper,
Before the moon burns out, and fire and love burn dimmer.
Maybe if I tread my life as my feet into the ocean,
To feel its rushing, rolling waves envelop and wet my skin,
Wash over my face, make me forget, let me begin,
Bloodstains don’t wash out, nor memories of falling sin.
Maybe if you didn’t see the truth and burn a painting,
Of purple inks of innocence, of shades of grey and green,
Or tried to tame the leviathan that lurked beneath –creeping,
There would be no broken mirror staring back, a stolen reflection
Maybe if I stand under heaven’s tears and scream your name,
Hell might flood and rain to the clouds, bringing you back again,
A rose will bloom and wilt, but it keeps its thorns and bends,
Like a thief in the night, steal my armor; I’m left to die in the end.

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