Maybe all your hopes are shattered,
Maybe you live,but not for your own self.
But for some people out there,who want to see you alive.
Maybe there aren't many of them,
But you know somewhere deep down who they are.
Maybe you don't express,
Maybe it's your love and emotions,you always try to suppress.
Maybe you have seen hate in the eyes of many,
And your own hopeful eyes developed a cold gleam.
Maybe you have seen strangers and enemies turn into friends,
And not just this,
But felt the pain when the staunchest of your people backstabbed you,
Yes,they hugged you tighter and even more firmly,
But that was just to stab you deep,rip your flesh,tear you apart,
And to ooze out even the last drop of blood.
Maybe you clenched your hands in their's for support,
And they pierced nails through them.
Maybe you believed that they'll take your boat across the shore,
But you found them draining it when it was almost there.
Maybe you looked at them with all the brightness in your eyes,
And they poured the darkness of the darkest nights in them.
Maybe your voice was charming and spoke of nothing other than love,
But their's didn't echo the same.
Maybe you infused purity in the air,
But they crushed your innocence wuth the smell of jealousy.
Maybe you poured your heart out,
But they penetrated through the thick curtains of your mind,
Just to explore your weakness.
Maybe you dreamt of flying,
But they broke your wings to see you crawl.
Maybe you planted roses in their garden,
But they transplanted thorns in your's.
And now you love your childhood fairytales more than reality,
But the thing is that all the bridges are burnt .

-Manpreet Kour

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